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How to View Charts with Statistics

The Statistics page allows you to see the on how the users are using Queue app across different metrics. It provides a time-relevant insight on how users are making the app useful and relevant in completing tasks.

  1. Click the ellipses icon and select Stats to open the Queue Stats dialog box
  2. You can select the following metrics
    1. Queue Size - total number of people in the queue at a given time
    2. Average Time In - average time people spent in the queue from joining to leaving
    3. Average Waiting Time - average time people spent waiting in the queue, before becoming a leader or leaving
    4. Average Time as a Leader - average time people spent acting as the leader of the queue
  3. The chart can be expressed in the following duration
    1. This Week
    2. This Month
    3. Last Week
    4. Last Month
    5. All Time

The Queue Stats can be accessed anytime by typing /queue stats command in the message box.

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