Productivity suite
right in your Slack.

Line your team up with Queue,
turn messages into tasks with Todo,
and take a well deserved Lunch break.

You might be wondering
“are Slack apps for us?”

Let us alleviate these concerns and show why we bet on Slack apps, and you might want to, too.

Your team is
already there

Everybody in your team already is on Slack. This means they have access to all our apps out of the box. Don't worry about onboarding, offboarding, ACLs - it's all taken care of.

Notifications your team actually reads

Unlike email, Slack is the one app your team actually opens every day and reads the messages that come up. Notifications sent by our apps are actually read in a timely fashion.

Support for all your devices

No separate mobile apps, or promises of "mobile support is on our roadmap." If you can open Slack, you can use your apps, wherever it is.

No context switching

Instead of having to open a new browser tab each time you want to check something, just call our app from Slack. It takes like a second.

Advanced interfaces

Our apps use all the features provided by Slack's platform, i.e. modals, forms, buttons, workflows, notifications, app home, and much more…

Give your chat a structure

You use Slack for many very different subjects. But Slack treats all the messages the same . Use our apps to give your messages a structure and surface what's important for now, or the future.


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See how you can increase your team's productivity & focus
with apps working 100% inside Slack.

Meet our apps

Turn messages into tasks

Even the simplest ad-hoc message can distract you.

Use Todo to turn this message into a task and be ensured you won't forget about it, thanks to reminders.

Create subtasks


Set due dates


Repeat tasks


Assign others


Watch tasks


Use #channels as projects


Receive reminders & notifications

and much more…

Like in the store, but… digitally

Coordinate everything from your Slack channel, so everybody gets their turn.

If someone, somewhere, must wait for their turn before doing something, Queue is there to help.


Start channel queues


Receive notifications when it's your turn


Leave queue when you're done,
to let the next person in

Coordinate lunch ordering

“Teams that eat together, stay together„
— old proverb, you might not know it.


Order together on a channel


Select the person to contact the restaurant


Split the bill with your co-workers

… and more?

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